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I am a private pilot and now a cadet at L3 Airline Academy (CTC) and future pilot of the Airbus A319/20 at easyJet.

I have an absolute passion for aviation and have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

I found that although many 'pilot blog' websites exist, there is nowhere that pilots, cadets and aspiring pilots can connect together and share resources and information - hence why I wanted to create this site.


About the author:

Andy Bullough

Cadet Pilot with easyJet at CAE Oxford

My name is Andy Bullough, I’m 37 and switching careers.  For the last 15 years I’ve been working as an automotive design engineer but had had a passion for aviation since I was young. 

In May I started my training at CAE Oxford as part of the Generation Easyjet programme.  I’m on the ATPL to MPL upgrade route – which means that if I pass my ground school exams with a high pass rate, I will be upgraded onto the MPL route. 

Why did I choose CAE?

CAE is one of the two main training schools for pilots in the UK along with L3.  I applied to both of them but decided to focus on CAE as this was a better fit for my personal circumstances.

  • The course is not residential which means that I can live at home with my family and commute to the school every day.

  • The cost of the MPL training is less than the L3 training scheme.At Oxford the MPL course is £100k, the ATPL course is £125k whereas at L3 both courses are £120k.This makes a huge difference when finding ways to fund the course.

  • CAE has a very long history of training pilots.

  • CAE has an extensive network around the world for recruitment which may lead to future opportunities when more established as a pilot.

  • I was impressed with the facilities at Oxford during my visit at the open day.I highly recommend visiting potential school to get a feel for the facilities and the atmosphere.

  • I was very impressed with the staff at CAE Oxford, which is really important considering the money being invested into the training.I had problem with my first application to L3 as I couldn’t find my GCSE certificates (from 20 years ago…) L3 would allow me to attend the interview stage but wouldn’t give me any further feedback or allow me to progress without them – even though I had my degree certificate.

    During the open day at CAE, I explained my situation to the recruitment team and within 10 minutes, they had explained the situation to Easyjet and they had agreed that my degree certificate was enough.I know this is a very unique problem to have, but the fact that they very quickly worked out a way to get over this problem was very re-assuring and gave me a lot of confidence in them.Thanks Olivia!


I will be writing about my training in my blog - Click Below: