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I am a private pilot and now a cadet at L3 Airline Academy (CTC) and future pilot of the Airbus A319/20 at easyJet.

I have an absolute passion for aviation and have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

I found that although many 'pilot blog' websites exist, there is nowhere that pilots, cadets and aspiring pilots can connect together and share resources and information - hence why I wanted to create this site.


About the author:

Aspiring Pilots

Becoming a commercial airline pilot requires a huge amount of time, commitment and unfortunately.. money. There are many training providers out there, each with unique selling points and each offering training in a slightly different way.

There are many decisions to be made before applying for a training school. Integrated vs Modular? ATPL vs MPL? Airline sponsored or 'white tail'?

Before Applying:

1) Visit open days:

Its important to not rush into flight training. It is a huge financial and personal commitment - and you need to make sure you are investing in a place that is perfect for you.

All flight schools hold open days, to come and experience the facilities and meet some of the trainees going through their schools. Open days are a fantastic place to answer all of your training questions - with specialists on hand throughout the day.

If you are just starting to look into flight training, I would highly recommend visiting a Pilot Careers Live event - where you can experience all of the major training providers, all under one roof. Entry normally costs £5, but it is well worth a visit.

2) Get a Class 1 Medical:

Before investing huge amounts of time in choosing a flight school, and before spending any money on selection fees - I would strongly recommend obtaining a Class 1 Medical to ensure that you are fit to fly. Visit my page Pilot Medicals for more information about costs, and where to get it done.

3) Talk to cadets in training:

Everyone is different, and so different training methods work well for different people. The glossy brochures will sell you the highlights of each flight school, but nothing will be more valuable than speaking to pilots who are in training currently. We are creating a growing network of cadet and line pilots, who are happy to answer any specific questions you may have!

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