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I am a private pilot and now a cadet at L3 Airline Academy (CTC) and future pilot of the Airbus A319/20 at easyJet.

I have an absolute passion for aviation and have wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

I found that although many 'pilot blog' websites exist, there is nowhere that pilots, cadets and aspiring pilots can connect together and share resources and information - hence why I wanted to create this site.


About the author:

George Botley

Graduate Cadet from L3 Airline Academy

I'm George and I'm a 24 year old university graduate and recently qualified job-seeking commercial pilot. I set out on the long road to my licences with CTC Aviation back in August of 2016.

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the entire concept of flight. For me, like many other budding commercial pilots, piloting an Airbus, Boeing, Embraer or any other make of aircraft around the skies is a thing dreams are made of, but where does the Aviation dream come from? Well, the truth is I have absolutely no idea! Whilst some cadets will reel off a full explanation (and there's nothing wrong with that by the way) I can't quite put my dream in to so many words. I mean, my Dad works on aircraft as did both of my Grandparents at some point, but was it their involvement in the industry that lit the flame? I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine but having worked in industry already, there isn't another that comes close (in my opinion).

With my mind firmly set on becoming a pilot I researched the many different routes to the flight deck. L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) was on my radar but at the time it seemed very expensive when there was little guaranteed in return and to add to that I wasn't even of age to apply. With financial constraints being the main barrier for me, like it is for many others, I started to consider the RAF. My Dad and Grandfather had been in the forces so why not follow in their footsteps, right? Although it has to be said both were in the Royal Navy so the idea of their son/grandson becoming a 'crab' made them chuckle. The more I read about our 'Air Power' the more excited I became and said interest later lead me to join the Air Cadets where I remained for almost 2 years.

Everything was mapped out in my head. I would study GCSEs and A Levels appropriate to my career path and apply as soon as I was legally able to. Sadly, things didn't work out when a routine visit to my optician incorrectly declared me as colour blind using, it has since transpired, outdated Ishihara plates (a sample is above). All I can remember is feeling down for several days. That was it. My dream was over. My path through education then followed my second interest, technology. I studied topics such as I.T., Business and Photography, all topics that weren't entirely related to aviation. I started my own freelance business in website development and even went on to complete a degree in Enterprise Computing. Everything was pointing in the direction of a career in the tech industry and I was happy with that. Aviation was well and truly parked in the back of my mind...

...That is, until the 21st September 2014 when my fortunes began to change. On this day I was gifted an experience flight and loved every second of it. A few months later I happened to be exhibiting at the same event L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) were. During a little bit of downtime I paid them a visit and had a chat about their current position. Then being aged 21 it had been 4 or 5 years since I had last looked at them and they had certainly come a long, long way. I explained my predicament to which they advised I booked myself a Class 1 medical examination to find out if I truly was colour blind.

Looking back I am so happy I volunteered to help out at that exhibition as L3's advice ended up with me being granted a completely unrestricted Class 1 medical certificate. I wasn't colour blind after all. I always had a feeling that optician was wrong and what's even better is I passed the CAA's Ishihara test with no issues. I didn't even need to make use of their more advanced tests.

I started at L3 on course CP149G on the 11th August 2016

If you would like to contact George and ask him any further questions, you can contact him here.